Five SEX TIPS to spice up your life!

Like many others, there are things I do really well and things I don’t do very well. For example, I make my living teaching people how to sell things.  I’m a competent instructional designer and a dynamic standup facilitator.  And for my age, I’m a pretty fast distance runner too.  (The “for my age” phrase is a deliberate euphemism meaning “I’m really slow now.”)

As for the stuff I don’t do well, I admit I’m not really good at technology.  Last week I wrote my first post ever where I incorporated a link, as in “to see more on this subject, go here.”  I was enormously proud of this achievement and learning all the time.

I started this blog last year, and because I don’t know anything about social media, I hired a consultant to help me with the technical and marketing issues associated with getting my message out.

At around the same time, I began writing what has turned out to be a very popular blog, much more so than this one, for the Dallas Morning News on distance running.   See it HERE! These two events, one for my business and one for my avocation, converged to provide me with the greatest and fastest learning experience I’ve ever had.

The marketing consultant for my business began by lecturing me on SEO and my brand.  For those of you who are not familiar with SEO, it’s a business similar to life insurance, where someone reads a tutorial on Google, becomes an expert and sells “solutions” to you and everyone in your family, then asks if you have any names of others who would like some SEO.  SEO neatly follows all the other initiatives I’ve patiently endured: six sigma, supply chain, re-engineering, CRM, that stuff.

Regarding the brand help, I told the guy I have only about 25 clients and if I have a brand at all in the marketplace it’s with these people who believe I’m competent and think I’m honest. Truthfully, I have some neckties older than the consultant, but he meant well.

But the real benefit came from the Dallas Morning News online editor, who complained to me after my first few posts, (which were chock-full of fascinating advice on how to run well, which I admit is just putting one foot in front of the other, very quickly and for a long period of time) that my headlines were boring and didn’t grab the readers’ attention.  “No one is opening your posts,” he whined.  “Jazz them up,” he said. “Why can’t you lead with a headline like, ‘Five tricks to beat your rival!’ then give them your usual stuff.”

So in order to please the guy, I facetiously headlined the next post, “Local runner gives birth to twins during training run,” and then talked about how running helps you think of great ideas, and how I had two of them in this morning’s run. A billion readers opened that post.

So the fact is, I don’t have any sex tips.  In fact most women don’t talk to me at all, although last week one did comment that “I guess it’s true that as men age their ears get bigger.” But my headline must have worked because you opened this didn’t you?  (I’m in seat 4B writing this, and the guy in 4A saw my headline and keeps peeking over here to see what I’m writing.)

Can’t wait to read the page view stats from today, and if this one made them spike, I’m getting out of this blogging thing.

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