“I’m happy with my current provider.”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

—Pharrell Williams


Gregory at Medtronic 10-2010 CroppedOf all the sales skill workshops I conduct, by far my favorite is helping salespeople get appointments with prospects and customers over the phone. In addition to giving the learners a number of important guidelines in making effective outbound calls (e.g., never say, “This is Name from Company, how are you today?”), we spend a lot of time helping them through objection handling, the biggest obstacle to the initial goal of getting a conversation started.

One of the toughest objections we all hear is that the prospect is deliriously happy with his current provider. Of course we know this is seldom true. Who on earth is madly in love with his bank for example?  But to hear the prospect tell it, you’d think they were holding hands.

In objection handling, you have to be careful not to sound defensive. In other words, you would never say, “Oh but you don’t know how great our services are!” It’s important to listen and be consultative.  Help the prospect solve his “problem” in the role of a thinking partner.

Do you need your Business Banking sales team to get more appointments?  Do you need your retail bankers to get customers to come into the branch? Do you need your investment sales reps to have more face-to-face appointments? If you’re in health care, do you want your reps to get into that hospital or those doctors’ offices? Of course you do.

So helping them become more effective on the phone is an important priority, and a great deal of their improved effectiveness will come from dealing smoothly with the “I’m happy” objection.  Of course there are other difficult objections which I’ve discussed here before: “Send me something in the mail,” “too difficult to switch,” “too busy to talk to you now,” and a few others.

Off the top of my head I can think of three very strong responses to “I’m happy” that will keep your conversation on track and lead to an appointment. How good are you at doing the same?

Here’s a deal for you.  Send me just one of yours by email and I’ll send you back my three, no charge of course.  Then you’ll have some good techniques to practice and share with your sales team. If this is an important issue for you, write me offline at:  Gregory at actionsystemstraining dot com.

I’d love to help you…

Think Like Your Customer

About Gregory LaMothe
I teach people how to sell things. I own the company ActionSystems. Visit my website at www.actionsystemstraining.com.

6 Responses to “I’m happy with my current provider.”

  1. Davison, Jim says:

    We are about to launch a ‘spray and pray’ direct mail campaign to penetrate existing membership for merchant services upsell … “you’re not using our service” ?

    So I can’t wait to hear your three.

    From the days of your open probes sessions, I might come back with “happiness is such a broad term; what do they do that makes you so happy?”

    Thanks G

    Jim Davison | Senior Cash Management Specialist, Small Business

  2. Jarrod Trefelner says:

    Gregory, I always find your tips and articles fascinating. We met while you gave this very phone training at PNC in Fort Pierce, FL. Thanks again it has helped me a great deal in the 5-6 years since. I know your standard answer to this is “many of my best clients were happy with their banks previously”,,, I like to ask “what are they doing for you that makes you so happy” or “when is the last time you had a face to face meeting with your banker”

    Interested to hear your response. Thanks again.

    PS- Not sure if you exactly remember me, but the client that I told you I gained during your training is now one of my best friends and certainly a top client.

    Thanks again

    Jarrod Trefelner I VP I Commercial Loan Officer

  3. aflanders says:

    I always tell people that I am happy that they are satisfied with their present provider. Would they consider me for a backup if they loose their provider. I have gained customers that way. Alice Thanks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gregory – I like to talk about how we can be a resource for each other rather than try to get them to switch their entire relationship based on one phone call. I try to focus on the appointment rather than the sale.

    I’d love to hear your approaches.


    Jeanne Kelly-Rieken

    Independent Health Coach Take Shape For Life Health Coach http://www.jeannerieken.tsfl.com

  5. Giroux, Sam says:


    I am not sure if you watch TED Talks, but I love them. They are only a 15 minute commitment, but I find them to be very inspiring and motivating.

    This one about leadership is several years old, but I have watched it 3-4 times and it still inspires while focusing on leadership and, as such, sales. I thought you may enjoy it.

    Visit us at https://www.centralbankbc.net/
    Follow us at Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/boonebank

    Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s best banks six years in a row.

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