Do it with love

Many years ago my wife bought me one of the best cookbooks I own, “Lutece”, written by Andre Soltner, the chef and owner of the famous French restaurant in Manhattan.

In the Introduction, Soltner tells a story of his calling to be a chef, a passage I come back to from time to time because it has so much connection to my own work.

“My wish to cook for others, and for my food to be appreciated, is a wish to do what my mother did, a wish to be for others what she was for us.  The possibility that my cooking will please people, and that they will be pleased with me because of it, is what always excited me about being a chef.

When I was fifteen, I became for three years an apprentice in the kitchen of the Hotel du Parc, in Mulhouse, a city not far from our town. Each week on my day off I would go home to visit my family.  One of these visits I remember very well.

In the hotel kitchen, I had finally learned how to make an omelette.  Really, I must have made a thousand of them before I could do it right. But when I went home on my day off and made omelettes for my family, they all said, No, my mother’s omelette was better.

They were right.  My mother’s omelette was better, because it was made with love, love for us.  In my mother’s omelette, and in all the things my mother made, there was something that was part of us.  We knew the taste of her food the same way we knew each other.”

Gregory at Medtronic 10-2010 CroppedNow tomorrow begins the holidays, and each of us will talk about a dish we will make for the Thanksgiving celebration.  There will be traditional dishes, new dishes, and sometimes dishes we don’t care for, but mostly they will be dishes we look forward to, because no matter the recipe, they will be made with love.

I don’t know whether you share my passion for cooking or not, but there are so many opportunities left for you this year to do whatever you do with love.  Work hard, be kind to those you lead, say something positive to those who trying so hard. Create a great experience for your family, friends and co-workers.  Whatever you do, do it with love, and it will come back to you in the most wonderful ways.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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One Response to Do it with love

  1. Vern Edin says:

    I enjoyed the care it took to write this blog —– The passionate cook’s “main ingredient” is always lots of L-O-V-E . . .

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