Three easy tips to make your clients see you as a winner!

There’s a curious phenomenon in the world of professional sports: when the team is winning, fans show up in droves, and when the team is losing, no one goes to the games. You’ve seen this happen everywhere. People just love winners, don’t they? They want to be around them, be friends with them and do business with them.

Ask yourself why realtors generally drive an upscale automobile, like a Mercedes or Lexus. Clients don’t say, “I’m not going to do business with that realtor. If he drives a fancy car, he’s probably going to charge me a lot of money.” Instead, they think, “He must be very good at what he does. I want to do business with him.”

Gregory at Medtronic 10-2010 CroppedSo today I’m going to give you three quick tips on how to position yourself as a winner, simply by making subtle but effective changes in your communication skills when dealing with clients. You have choices in the words you use, and every communication with your client affects the client’s perception about whether you are a winner or not.

Here’s a simple scenario. Let’s suppose you’re a real estate broker and a buyer has put in a very low offer on a home you’ve listed for your client, and your client has counter-offered a small reduction in price. But the buyer has remained adamant, sticking with his original offer. Time to call your client with the news.

How do you phrase your opening?

A) Well, I’ve got some bad news. They didn’t budge.

B) Let me bring you up to date on my conversation with the buyer. Unfortunately, they’re holding firm on their offer.

C) I’ve just gotten off the phone with the buyer. They’re holding firm on their offer, which is a bit of a problem, but I have some ideas.

D) I’ve just gotten off the phone with the buyer, so let me bring you up to date. They’re holding firm on their offer, which gives us some new information. Now let me share some helpful ideas on next steps.

I’m betting that you see how much more powerful it will be if you chose D), so let’s go through the others to see the three tips:

A) First, never start any conversation with someone you are working for or trying to sell to by positioning “bad news.” There is only “news,” and you have choices on how it’s positioned. Start off the conversation in a down-mode and you’ll never get out of it.

B) Get rid of other positioning words such as “unfortunately,” “sad to say,” “sorry to have to tell you,” and other negative first comments. Report facts neutrally, then show solutions. Keep the client optimistic and confident in you.

C) The opposite side of a problem is an opportunity. Quick: name a problem. Now tell me what is the opportunity that problem just gave you. Here’s a quick example. Problem: I’m overweight. Opportunity: This will be a great time to start eating a more healthy diet.

You can do this every time.

A friend of mine told me that at work, someone came out of the copy room and called out to everyone, “The printer is out of paper.” My friend is a winner and he added, “He should have said, ‘The printer is out of paper. Does anyone know where we keep the printer paper?’” Remember that you have choices in the words you use. Give some thought to your own “language inventory” and what you might change today.

Think like your customer!

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  1. I did not see any such post before. Very well written.

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