“This Land of Strangers” by Robert E. Hall

Often in a training workshop I’ll make mention of a helpful book, and the participants will ask me to repeat the title and author.  Sometimes I end up sending out an email of all the books I cite during the program, so they can follow up. 

So today I’m happy to recommend a book that I hope will help you see life in a different way, and perhaps change your own behavior for the better.

Some of you who follow this blog do so because you worked with me when I was with the original ActionSystems, which was founded by Robert Hall. I worked for Robert for over ten years and I am proud of what I learned from him, not just in the training field, but in the area of human relationships, kindness and respect toward others, and the resulting joy and benefits from these more intentional approaches.

Robert’s latest book has just been published and it’s a great work.  In “This Land of Strangers” he explores the breakdown in relationships in four critical areas:  home, business, politics and faith, supports his views with stunning and compelling research, and suggests remedies that we can use to effect change.  I hope you will buy the book and read it right away.  It’s certainly the best book I’ve read this year.

Let me share a story with you here about relationships and their importance, because I’m sure you have seen this happen.  Someone you know very well has just lost his job.  He has never stayed in touch with you, but now he needs your help.  He calls you out of the blue and after a few perfunctory questions about you and your family, asks you for a name or for a referral into some company he would like to interview with. You give him your help and ideas, offer him some names and wish him well. You never hear anything from him after that, and have no idea if he found work or not.

Or you may know someone else who is relationship-oriented. He always stays in touch, calls you out of the blue now and then not because he needs something, but because your friendship is important to him.  I have friends like this and so do you. These “other-directed” people are a joy in our lives. Their network is extensive and when they do need help they are able to call on numerous resources and support, simply because their relationship is so valued.

I often see people in the sales business who fit into one of these two descriptions.  The active networkers who naturally build relationships are always the most successful.  The people who call on customers only when they need something always seem to struggle.

Robert takes the relationship discussion to a much higher level and helps each of us gain insights into making a better world and growing individually.  It’s a captivating, sometimes startling and always enjoyable read. Order a copy today and let Robert help you to…

Think Like Your Customer

About Gregory LaMothe
I teach people how to sell things. I own the company ActionSystems. Visit my website at www.actionsystemstraining.com.

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