I have a $500 check with your name on it!

Double bonus for you in today’s post!  First, I have a cool prospecting tip for you if you are in the B-to-B calling game, and I have a check for $500 with your name on it if you are willing to do me a favor.  Here we go.

You know how important it is to get referrals in any business. Warm referrals get you an instant appointment and a better initial relationship right off the bat.  They get you in the door and keep you in communication with your prospect.  Every successful salesperson knows how important they are.

So the next time you close a deal with one of your prospects, you say:

“And now I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that I’ve just closed some business with you, which has been my goal for some time, and I’m looking forward to serving you well. The bad news of course is that I’ve just lost my top prospect and I’m hoping you can help me fill that spot with someone you might know who will value my services.”

This is a very clever way to initiate the discussion on potential referrals that your new client may offer. So I hope you put the tip to use and it works well for you.

Now here’s why I mention this tip today:  I just lost on a request for proposal that I was sure I was going to win.  That seldom happens to me and I am disappointed about it.  Of course there is nothing I can do about  it now, unless I can talk with my client about what I needed to do differently so I can be more successful next time. You have to think positively and learn from everything you do.

But meanwhile I have to replace that lost deal, and I thought I would ask you to help me.  You’ll see on my website that as an introductory offer I will do a day of training for a prospective client at absolutely no charge, any group, any topic.  I always get new business if I can just “audition” for free, so it’s worth my time to do so.

Here is how you can take advantage of that offer.  You call or write any of your friends or colleagues at other companies and you say, “Hey, I know a guy who is a great sales trainer, and he has a free training offer on his website. I want you to go check him out.  My company does business with him and he does a great job. Here’s the link.  Then let’s talk and I’ll tell you about how he has helped us.”  That’s all you do.

And if I end up landing that referred prospect as a billable client, I will send you a check for $500, not a bad day’s pay for ten minutes of your time is it?  So go through your list of friends at other companies and give me a hand.  Many thanks!

I normally post on Tuesdays, so today’s post is a day late.  I had some unanticipated time obstacles yesterday that prevented me from posting. Sorry about that. This Fable Friday I’ll finish up the leadership theme with another story for you. I hope you like it.


Think Like Your Customer

About Gregory LaMothe
I teach people how to sell things. I own the company ActionSystems. Visit my website at www.actionsystemstraining.com.

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